Public Benefit Entities – Consultation on Service Performance Reporting

These proposals are relevant for Tier 1 and Tier 2 public benefit entities (PBEs)—both not-for-profit and public sector entities.

The New Zealand Accounting Standards Board (NZASB) has revised its proposed standard on service performance reporting, following consideration of comments received on ED NZASB 2016-6 Service Performance Reporting

The NZASB is now undertaking a limited scope consultation to check that its revised proposals are workable and would not have unintended consequences.

Information about why the NZASB revised its proposals and the consultation documents are available on the XRB’s website.

> Access the consultation documents

The consultation is open for public comment until 28 July 2017.

The NZASB will consider feedback on its revised proposals with the aim of finalising a standard by the end of 2017.