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We have not listed on this page our online newsletters issued as Communiques prior to 2017.

If you require an earlier issue, please contact us.  Please note we no longer issue XRAP Communiques. 

NZASB Updates 2018

NZASB Update #17

New standards issued, Explanatory Guides updated, FMA Accounting estimates, New NFP Update

NZASB Update #16

June meetings, IASB DP, PBE Omnibus Amendments, FMA Report

NZASB Update #15

NZASB June meeting, IFRS Quiz, Special Purpose Financial Reporting Framework

NZASB Update #14

2018 NZ Conceptual Framework issued, FRS-42 amended, compilation error corrected

NZASB Update #12

New amending standard, Accounting policy changes, More on leases

NZASB Update #10

Accounting for Leases seminars, Feedback survey reminder

NZASB Update #9

Limited scope amendments to simple format reporting, events & webinar

NZASB Update #8

New amending standard, February meeting, Upcoming webinar

NZASB Update #7

IPSASB Strategy and Work Plan; IPSASB Leases

NZASB Update #5

NZASB ED 2018-1; NZASB February meeting; IPSASB Roundtables

NZASB Updates 2017

NZASB Update #4

New amending standard (NZ IAS 28) , NZASB December meeting

NZASB Update #3

NZASB November additional meeting; FMC Reporting Entities

NZASB Update #2

Amendments to XRB A1; New standards on revenue and financial instruments

Proposals to clarify Accounting Policies, Accounting Estimates, and 'Material'

Webinar on proposed accounting for revenue and non-exchange expenses

New for-profit insurance standard and income tax interpretation

For-profit Entities: Property, Plant and Equipment—Proceeds before Intended Use

Do not miss the opportunity to share your views - Improving Disclosures in Financial Statements

Public Benefit Entities – Consultation on Service Performance Reporting

Public Benefit Entities – Employee Benefits standard issued

Webinar – Proposed amendments to Reduced Disclosure Regime (RDR) for Tier 2 for-profit entities

Tier 1 and Tier 2 For-profit Entities Better Communication in Financial Reporting

For-profit Entities: Proposed improvements to IFRS 8 Operating Segments

Revision of Reduced Disclosure Regime (RDR) for Tier 2 For-Profit Entities

What do you think about the proposed annual improvements to IFRS® Standards?

NZAuASB Updates 2018

NZAuASB Update #5

IAASB future strategy, Next NZAuASB meeting

NZAuASB Update #4

New assurance publications, Reminder re auditor rotation, IESBA consultations

NZAuASB Update #3

April meeting highlights, IESBA 2019-23 strategy and work plan, 10-minute IFAC global survey

NZAuASB Update #2

New International Code of Ethics announced

NZAuASB Update #1

February NZAuASB meeting highlights, publications, IESBA fee survey

NZAuASB Updates 2017

Proposed Revised Ethical Requirements Prohibiting Improper Inducements

Proposed new guidance for professional scepticism and professional judgement

Modernisation of Financial Estimate Audits in Support of Audit Quality

Survey Consultation on the IESBA’s Strategy and Work Plan Beyond 2018

XRB Board Updates 2018

XRB Stakeholder Survey reminder

Have you taken our survey?

Latest EER survey insights just out

EER Survey report, Tier 2 for-profit financial reporting

XRB Board Updates 2017

Analysis of Alternative Performance Measures (APMs) survey now available